Professional Hot Tub Cleaning

Hot Tub Cleaning EssexIt is recommended that a hot tub should be drained and refilled once every three months, which is an ideal time to give the spa shell, cover and cabinet a thorough clean.

If you do not wish to do this yourself then why not book iClean Solutions to do it for you?

Our hot tub cleaning and valet service includes:

1. Treat spa with a sanitiser and allow it to circulate before draining the water out. This gives the spa pipework a deep clean and helps eliminate biofilm that normal sanitisers do not remove.

2. Clean the spa cover and treat it with a cover protector that was developed by the aerospace industry. The protector bonds into the vinyl surfaces to block the sun’s UV rays and guard against cracking and fading thus enhancing the life of the cover.

3. Remove the filter cartridge(s), rinse with clean fresh water and then spray with a special filter cleaning solution, which is formulated to remove oils, minerals and other debris from the surface of the filter and then thoroughly rinse before locating back into the spa. Replacement of the filters, if required, will incur an additional charge.

4. While the spa is empty we clean all interior surfaces with a special Spa Shine and Protection cleaner formulated specifically for the purpose of cleaning spas and hot tubs. All the jets will be removed and thoroughly cleaned.Hot Tub Cleaning Essex

5. We refill the hot tub with clean water from your water supply and add the correct water treatment. We will test that the system is heating up correctly and the pumps are operational. 

On larger spas you may need to be available to keep an eye on the water level and be responsible for turning the water off once the correct level has been achieved due to the time period for the spa to fill. If there is no-one home when we do the clean we may leave the spa empty ready for you to refill.

The cost of our hot tub cleaning and valet service is £155.00

We also clean and valet swim spas, prices start from £195, please call us on 07746 534448 to obtain a free quote.

The price includes the sanitiser treatment, cover cleaning product used, spa shell cleaner used and the filter cleaner but excludes any other materials that may be required, which would be charged extra.

Please call or text us on 07746 534448 to book your appointment or to find out more about this fantastic service.